Addressing Your Migraine

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Mar 152016

IMG_7187-964Individuals who suffer from frequent migraine attacks often rely on medication to deal with the symptoms. The real reason for migraine attacks has never been clearly understood. Some researchers suspect that the severe headaches are caused by changes in certain areas of the nervous system. Others suggest that migraine symptoms are caused by chemical imbalances in the body. The symptoms of migraines can be addressed successfully using chiropractic care.

Common migraine symptoms

Individuals who suffer from migraines usually feel pain on the forehead and eye area. Sometimes the pain spreads to the back of the head. The pulsing and throbbing sensation can be frustrating. It can prevent one from being able to carry on with their day to day activities. Migraines have been shown to be more common in women and most of them start at a very young adult age. Sometimes the migraine can cause vomiting and nausea.

Understanding the triggers

A migraine attack can be triggered by several things. For instance, some individuals experience severe migraines whenever they are stressed or after eating certain foods. Foods that contain lots of caffeine are often culprits when it comes to triggering migraines. There are also medications that are known to trigger migraine attacks.

Some individuals will experience migraines because of changes in sleeping habits. Others will experience the severe headaches because of hormonal changes. This often occurs among women who are going through their menstrual cycle. When the neck muscles are tense and stiff, it may result in a migraine headache.

Before seeking chiropractic care, it’s important that you consult your specialist so that they can understand what triggers your migraine. Chiropractors are able to address different symptoms of migraine headaches. Sometimes behavioral and lifestyle changes can cause relief. For instance, you may want to start by avoiding various foods.

Treating migraines

If you don’t want to rely on medication for treating migraines, one solution would be chiropractic care. Over the counter medication can be used initially but it’s advisable to depend on them. Your doctor may advice you to consider other forms of therapy. Chiropractic care has been shown to relief the major symptoms of migraine attacks like pain. You may want to go for a trial treatment in your area in order to determine if this is for you. Make sure you consult your GP or medical specialist if you suffer from any other medical condition.

Getting A Facial Treatment For Some Serious Skin Care

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May 272016

When you have a healthy and radiant-looking skin, people instantly assume that you are taking real good care of your body, particularly your skin. The skin is actually regarded by many as a mirror of oneself, in which it is a reflection of how one takes care of his body. Most of us in Cary, NC would like to live a healthy life style and take advantage of the many benefits of healthy living.

Of course, to keep our skin looking beautiful and young, proper skin care is really necessary. See, there are a lot of skin care regimens that people can adapt and practice everyday, and there are also a number of skin care products available in markets today that are formulated to maintain the natural suppleness of the skin.

Meanwhile, skin care does not necessarily have to cost you a lot of money. As for skin care products, learn how to choose products that are not too expensive yet provide excellent skin maintenance results. Treatments, on the other hand, do not really need to be high-end and costly. Simple treatments like facial are usually the ones needed by the skin. There are plenty of places to get inexpensive facials in Cary and the Triangle area and one of my favorites is Divine Aesthetics Skin And Spa.

What is a facial treatment?

A facial is a form of serious skin care treatment that nourishes, exfoliates, and cleanses the skin, thus, promoting a well-hydrated, smooth, and clear complexion. This type of skin care is in fact regarded as one of the most popular and in-demand spa and salon treatments today.

There are a lot of tools and equipment used in facial treatments. Among them are the following:

1. Facial chair or bed
2. Magnifying lamp
3. Facial steamer
4. Small trolley
5. Cotton and cotton pads
6. Gauze
7. Towels
8. Head covering
9. Facial massager
10. Cleansers, astringents, sanitizers, moisturizers, creams,
11. Facial masks

What are the basic procedures in a facial treatment?

The following are the basic steps in a facial treatment:

1. Facial cleansing
2. Skin analysis
3. Exfoliation using steaming
4. Extraction of blackheads
5. Facial massage to relax the body and stimulate the skin
6. Application of facial mask
7. Application of protective creams and toners

How often should you get a facial treatment?

According to dermatologists and skin care specialists, people should get a serious skin care facial treatment every four to six weeks. The ideal number of times to have facial treatments is four to five times a year. Those who have skin complications like acne may need to get a facial more often than the usual recommended times to get it.

As for the cost of the treatment, it varies depending on the price offerings of spa and salon establishments. The packages and add-ons on the procedure make the cost of the treatment higher.

Furthermore, those who cannot afford to get a facial treatment at spas and salons can opt for a home-made facialtreatment. A quick facial regimen that can be practiced at home includes that following easy-to-do steps:

1. Splash your face with warm water.
2. Massage your face using olive oil.
3. Thoroughly scrub your face with a half-teaspoon of sugar.
4. Wipe your face with a warm wet cloth.

Lower Back Pain Is Highly Frequent and What You Should Recognize

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May 192016


Just in the Raleigh alone, perhaps somewhere well over 500 million dollars is dedicated to matters related to low back pain. In fact, it is feasible that nearly every person has experienced some kind of mild form of low back pain. The cost to overall business is astronomical simply because low back injuries are the main reason for absence and disability payments. When it pertains to difficulties that are neurologically related in Raleigh, only head pain beats back pain. The variety of possibilities can be from a quick strain that persists a day or two all the way to the most serious injuries that can cause surgery.

The common scenario with low back pain involves a number of factors each of which make their unique contribution. A person can certainly strain back muscles or ligaments or something worse affecting the vertebrae and discs. One likely condition mentioned by some doctors is a chronic imbalance in the lower back. Then ultimately that imbalanced state leads to more serious problems including a greater possibility of back injury. Then one day you do something you have done a million times and out of the blue there is pain. This can happen sitting behind your desk in the Research Triangle Park, or bending down to pick up a package at Crabtree Valley Mall.

Back pain can manifest itself in different ways, and it really has to do with the particular situation. The worst kind could be quick, sharp pain which is often known as acute pain. Reoccurring pain lasts and may start at a low grade and afterward maybe stay that way for a very long time. The acute kind of back pain is likely to happen suddenly from physical damage such as a sport injury or auto accident. Unfortunately the highways in and around Raleigh are becoming much more congested and prone to accidents as the area population continues to grow. That indicates something is wrong with the mechanics of your back like with the spinal column. The general indications for this kind of pain can be a piercing painful sensation that really gets your particular attention. At times the condition will stop the person from moving normally including bending over or standing straight. When this happens we normally make adjustments such as walking with a leaning forward position to reduce back pain.

Herniated discs in the spine are common and normally caused by repeated motions or those kinds that involve chronic mechanical vibration. Another reason for this condition could be a sudden load placed upon the back or a serious strain on the back that is hardly ever done. A lot of things contribute to back health like being too tight, generally speaking, due to not enough good exercise and stretching. What can make matters worse with a herniated disc is that it often results in various nerves being pinched.

You should in no way fool around with any kind of back discomfort because you can aggravate the condition. If you are engaged in an exercise that results in sharp pain, then the smart thing to do is see a competent doctor. In that kind of circumstance, you can quickly make matters more unpleasant and cause additional injury if you continue to act like there is no problem. Raleigh is loaded with general medical practitioners and chiropractic therapy providers so there is no excuse not to seek immediate medical care. At all times remember to lift using your legs and not your back, and at all times keep your back straight when you lift.

Achieving Great Skin

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May 182016

relaxed-girl-with-moisturized-skin_MJwxkHPOHaving flawless and smooth skin is a dream for many women, and perhaps even men. With all the daily stress and harsh elements, it is easy to get blemishes. Eliminating pimple marks can be a little more difficult than removing the real pimples. Other than using other substances and lotions, there are. But before we get to share the tricks on the best way to remove pimple marks, be sure to understand the best way to prevent them. Attempt if you must and remove them softly. Because they darken additionally avoid exposing the scars to the sun and slow down the healing process. With that said, here to remove pimple marks.

Lemon juice is known as one strong skin lightening agent. Not only does it reduce redness and inflammation but also lighten the dark marks. Do’t expose the skin to sunlight after using lemon juice on the affected regions. Be sure to apply sunscreen because the skin is left not insensitive.

Use honey. You leave it then bathe your face in the morning and can apply honey on the scars. You can even make a mask using a couple of drops of water, honey and aspirin and apply the paste on the affected regions. Leave it for only 15 minutes and after that wash it off.

Try aloe vera. This herb is frequently used to treat a broad variety of skin ailments. When it comes to pimple marks and scars, Aloe Vera can be of great advantage. The gel like material on all affected areas and leave it for about 30 minutes before washing it away. You’ll have the ability to see the difference overtime when used daily.

Use uncooked tomatoes. Mature red tomatoes can be used to remove marks and acne scars. The next time you search for ways on how to get rid of black spots on your face, you should definitely try this one.

Vitamin E capsules or oil. Vitamin E is significant because it adds moisture to your skin and makes spots or any scars noticeable. Do this when your pores are not closed after steaming your face.

Vital Information Related to Low Back Soreness and Why You Need To Look after Yourself

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May 092016

Just in the US alone, perhaps somewhere more than forty billion dollars is dedicated to issues related to low back pain. So many persons have had perhaps some sort of uncomfortable experience with low back pain, even if it was a one time occasion. Traumas and pain to the lower back, or medically called the lumbosacral region, is one of the major causes of job related disability and missed work. Low back ache is number two in the United States for neuro-related medical issues. The range of scenarios can be from a basic strain that lasts a day or two up to the most critical injuries that can result in surgery.

The standard scenario with low back pain involves a number of factors each of which make their unique contribution. A person can easily strain back muscles or ligaments or something more serious affecting the vertebrae and discs. One possible condition mentioned by some doctors is a chronic imbalance in the lower back. The typical result is that the back is unable to take it anymore, and consequently problems start to surface. We have all learned about, or maybe experienced, back injuries due to the smallest activities.

There are a number of different types of pain we can encounter. There is the sort that is acute discomfort felt immediately. Then there is the low grade assortment that comes about slowly and may be recurring. The acute kind of back pain is likely to happen all of a sudden from physical damage. That signifies something is wrong with the mechanics of your back like with the spinal column. The pain connected to this has a high degree of intensity and often demands pain medication. At times the condition will keep the person from moving about normally for example bending over or standing up straight. Or perhaps, you can sometimes see people bending slightly forward to help reduce the pain.

One type of long-term exposure to constant vibrational motion makes a person at risk of a herniated spinal disc. Another cause for this affliction could be a sudden load placed upon the back or a severe strain on the back that is hardly ever done. Very often people are not prepared for these types of shocks to the system, and also many men and women are not in the habit of stretching their back and leg muscles. What tends to make matters even worse with a herniated disc is that it often causes various nerves being pinched.

Certainly the best course of action is to speak with your doctor if you have acute or chronic back pain and seek out a chiropractor in your area. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Winston-Salem then be sure to check out The Joint NC. This group serves most of the NC area and our renowned specialist for dealing with back pain.   If you are engaged in an task that results in sharp pain, then the smart thing to do is see a knowledgeable doctor. In that kind of situation, you can quickly make matters more painful and cause additional injury if you continue to work like there is no problem. Practice proper lifting posture even when doing easy tasks around the house, as well.